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It’s no secret that most birth plans end up lost in a jumble of papers on your nurses’ desk – or even in the trash can. Does that mean you shouldn’t bother with a birth plan? Actually, a birth plan is an excellent tool during both your pregnancy and birth – as long as you Read More

Tonight I snuggled and nursed my sweet son to sleep as my husband tucked my daughter into bed. There was a time I didn’t know if we would ever have a night like this. Our First Pregnancy The first time I became pregnant we were thrilled, of course. I literally jumped up and down with Read More

Earlier this month I talked about a friend in my playgroup who lost her sweet boy because of premature labor.  A group of friends banded together and decided to make her a memorial quilt. As with any project involving 8 strong women we bumped heads a few times, but in the end we came up Read More

I had the honor of receiving a Rowan wrap from Wrapsody to review and share during this month of focus on infant loss. The wrap is gorgeous, soft and comfortable. I wore it for a few days in honor of a local friend of mine who lost her baby girl about a year ago. Wrapsody was my Read More

  Dear Marshall: The Birth of a Little Brother Dear Marshall, Instead of celebrating Christmas, your dad and I took a vacation. We loaded Austin into the truck with us, and we drove down the coast to Newport Beach, Oregon. We danced in the sand. We raced the waves. We chased the setting sun across Read More

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