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Photo by Eyeliam By Jackie, Contributing Writer When you first find out you are pregnant, it seems like you have a lot of time before the baby comes. Many of us fill this time with midwife appointments, exercise, dates with the husband, decorating the nursery, being showered with love and gifts from family and friends, Read More

Image by Wikipedia By Kristen, Contributing Writer Poop happens — and that’s OK. If you’re really worried about having bowel movement, you’re not alone. Take comfort in the fact that a lot of women do have poop during labor, and really, it’s no big deal. Let’s cover the scoop on childbirth poop (and how to Read More

Essential oils are powerful tools to use in supporting our health, and when are we more concerned about our health than during pregnancy? With the increase in popularity of natural solutions, essential oils are being offered in more and more retail locations. Unfortunately, access doesn’t mean education. There are a lot of things that aren’t Read More

Photo credit: David D By Amy Wood, contributing writer When I was expecting my first child I knew that, for many reasons, I wanted to plan for a natural birth where we waited for labor to begin spontaneously, I did not get any type of medication or epidural during labor, and that only those interventions Read More

My due date had come and gone. I knew that my midwife wasn’t worried at all, but I was ready to meet my baby. It felt like this was my first labor; and in a lot of ways it was. My first birth didn’t go nearly as planned. I had hoped for a natural labor Read More

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