Chiropractic &Pregnancy

When most people hear about pregnant moms going to the chiropractor, they immediately think that it is all about the back pain. Without a doubt, the changes in pregnancy often cause some level of discomfort which can be helped tremendously by chiropractic.

What Is A Due Date, Really?

When a woman finds out she's pregnant, one of the first things she wants to know is when her baby is due. Many first-time moms circle this due date on the calendar, as well as the date three weeks prior, when they reach 37 weeks or "full term."  These are major milestones for them!

Informed Consent in the Hospital

Most women give birth in the hospital.  That's the current trend in the U.S. and many women feel safer in the hospital, for one reason or another. Don't give up your right to informed consent when it comes to common hospital procedures.

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