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  Many families are interested in unassisted childbirth, or “family birth,” where you choose not to have a medical professional at your baby’s birth.  A natural preparation for unassisted childbirth is unassisted prenatal care. It’s important to understand that unassisted prenatal care is NOT the same thing as “no prenatal care,” as many assume.  Instead, Read More

OK, so I have this app that tracks my pregnancy.  I am sure you have the same one or one very similar.  Not telling the name, but it rhymes with chump. I got it because I thought my children would like to track the development of the baby in the womb.  All the, “Your baby Read More

image credit One of my biggest surprises of becoming a mom was how incredibly hard breastfeeding was. No one warned me of all that could (and did!) go wrong or prepared me for how to conquer these battles should I face them. Yes, I took a breastfeeding class and even attended a Le Leche League Read More

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  In Part 1 I left off my birth story as my husband and I were driving to the hospital.  Read on to find out what happened next and what Walmart has to do with Levi’s story. “I Need You To Pull Over” About 10 minutes into our drive I started feeling a little bit of pressure Read More

Technically I didn’t actually become a mom, at least for the first time, at Walmart. But I did become a mom to Levi there. I shouldn’t have been surprised by this, as Levi’s four older brothers all came to us rather quickly as well, once they were ready. And in some ways I was not Read More

  Image by Compfight   Part I of this series briefly explained the process of fetal ultrasound scanning and examined the potential risks identified to date. Part II will summarize potential benefits which may outweigh those risks in certain circumstances, and present several alternatives providing much of the information sought in routine scans.   What Read More

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