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My due date had come and gone. I knew that my midwife wasn’t worried at all, but I was ready to meet my baby. It felt like this was my first labor; and in a lot of ways it was. My first birth didn’t go nearly as planned. I had hoped for a natural labor Read More

By Brittany, Contributing Writer Soooo…you’re pregnant. You want to and can’t WAIT to push a baby out of your vagina. But, there’s thing thing….you’ve had a prior cesarean (or two, or three…). VBAC. It’s controversial when it really shouldn’t be. In case you didn’t know, VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. The national average Read More

By Daja, Contributing Writer It’s the third trimester and the countdown to the baby’s arrival begins.  People now freely ask, “When are you due?” Of course, we all know that due dates are less accurate than that ape that predicted the Superbowl. But, there are some surefire ways to know that your labor is imminent. Read More

By Jacki, Contributing Writer Mastitis is an infection of the breast usually caused by a plugged duct that bacteria gets into, sometimes through cracked nipples. Without treatment it can lead to an abscess in the breast that will need more serious intervention. Symptoms of mastitis include: Red sore spot on breast, sometimes streaking out from Read More

Image by surlygirl By Tanner, Contributing Writer So, you just had a baby. Well, first off congratulations! Everyone is over the moon excited about your new bundle. You are enjoying your baby moon and spending your days trying to understand how you made something so perfect. Your every second is consumed with baby snuggles and you’re just Read More

By Amy Wood, Contributing Writer Just as there are many pregnancy and labor interventions (such as diagnostic tests, ultrasounds, induction, fetal monitoring, labor augmentation, etc.) that you should take the time to evaluate and determine what is evidence-based and appropriate for your situation, there are also many newborn procedures that deserve the same kind of Read More

image by sabrena rexing photography Why is it necessary? Giving birth is an amazing, exhausting experience. Whether you are a c-section, natural birth, medicated vaginal birth or any other kind of birth mama, your body undergoes a lot when you have that baby. Muscles are hard at work, skin can be wounded, there are possibly Read More

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