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The Kozy Carrier mei tai is an extremely versatile carrier. With no need to adjust straps or buckles, it can easily be worn by caregivers of different sizes without any fuss. I used it around the house, at my toddler’s soccer clinic and to run errands. My mom and sister shared wearing my 5 month Read More

Photo Credit As a parent you have the right to make decisions you feel are best for your birth and your baby, even when you know your baby will not live for very long. There are options to ensure comfort for your baby and emotional support for you. This article outlines some of your options. Read More

What Is A Mei Tai? Mei tai (pronounced “may tie”) is just a generic name for a specific style of baby carrier. They are typically a square or rectangular piece of decorative material with straps on all four corners. The traditional mei tai dates back back hundreds of years and has it roots in Asian Read More

Although I have grieved not being able  to have children, I have never grieved the loss of my own child. I have grieved with friends who have lost babies. But I can’t say that I did the best job following up with them. While I wanted to, I didn’t want the awkward conversation to over Read More

Today I am sharing a photo with the names of some of readers and the babies that they lost either through miscarriage or stillbirth. I know that some of you may not have seen the invitation to share your loss with me so I could include it in this photo, but I would still like Read More

My toddler and I enjoying some snuggles in the toddler Tula at a local apple orchard I love baby wearing and I want you to love it too! Join me over the next several weeks as I introduce you to different styles of carriers. Not everyone has an awesome babywearing group local to them, so Read More

Modern Alternative Mama turns 4 today! To celebrate, Kate is running a sale on ALL books. Check it out! We are so thrilled to have your support, that you come back to read the new posts and that you use and share the information.  We wouldn’t exist without you! Dollar Day To celebrate, we’re offering Read More

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