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Thanks for your interest in advertising with Modern Alternative Pregnancy!  This site is a sister site to Modern Alternative Mama.

First, why should you choose us?

  • 20,000 monthly page views estimated in launch month
  • NEW Twitter followers
  • NEW Facebook Fan page
  • Cross promotion/integrated campaigns with Modern Alternative Mama (which receives over 125,000 monthly pageviews and has over 8300 Facebook likes and 2650 subscribers)

For advertising rates and options, please email: We will only accept products that we would enthusiastically recommend, so please read the blog to get a feel for the types of products we recommend before emailing!  Some examples of products we would enjoy recommending:

  • Cookware or bakeware (stainless steel, cast iron, glass, stoneware)
  • Reusable lunch/storage containers or bags
  • Meal planning or recipe services, cookbooks, etc.
  • Real food products (sprouted flours, healthy snacks, etc.)

We are also open to doing reviews and/or giveaways of appropriate products.

**PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept guest posts from companies looking for backlinks and other free advertising.  If you are interested in paid options, please request the media kit.  If you are a blogger in our niche looking to guest post, please email**

Please contact us to advertise, see our complete media kit, or with any questions!

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