10 Reasons You Should Eat Coconut While Pregnant

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Recently, I was at the grocery store early in the morning.  I’d just come from the gym, and was looking for some breakfast.  After scouring the “bars” section for several minutes, I felt a bit frustrated that I could not find a single one that was based on coconut!

That’s because coconut, besides being tasty, is really awesome for your health.

I’m not pregnant now, but I enjoyed coconut a lot when I was.  Again, the health benefits.

If you’re unfamiliar, let’s learn!

10 Reasons You Should Eat Coconut While Pregnant

#1) Healthy Brain Development

Coconut oil is filled with medium-chain fatty acids that are found in almost no other foods (but they’re in breast milk!).  These fatty acids are important for your baby’s brain development, which is very rapid in the final weeks of pregnancy and continue throughout the first two years of your baby’s life.

#2) Long-Lasting Energy

Coconut oil is digested in unique way.  It can provide energy quickly and easily, yet it doesn’t cause the highs and lows that sugar does.

#3) Balanced Blood Sugar

Since coconut doesn’t cause crashes (and doesn’t contain sugar), it leads to more balanced blood sugar.

#4) Quick and Easy Snack

Coconut is easy to eat in many forms!  There is shredded coconut made into bars (my favorite), coconut “chips,” coconut spreads, coconut oil, and lots more!  It’s easy to carry with you.

One option is Coco Java Nut Butter, available through BirthFit.  It has coconut as its first ingredient, and also contains cashew butter, cacao powder, ground coffee, yacon powder, and sea salt.  No additives and no sugars.  It comes in an easy-squeeze pouch to eat straight, or put on an apple or celery for a quick snack.  It’s vegan, paleo, and provides real energy and healthy protein.

#5) Less Morning Sickness

Eating more coconut means less sugar, longer-lasting energy, and balanced blood sugar…which, for many pregnant women, can mean less morning sickness!  It’s often the hunger or blood sugar swings that lead to problems, and coconut helps prevent that.

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#6) Balanced Weight Gain

Obviously, most pregnant women are going to gain weight (unless you are already obese; in which case, please talk to your care provider about what is healthiest for you).  What most women want to avoid is excess or unhealthy weight gain.  Coconut helps to keep your body balanced, and reduce unhealthy abdominal fat.  This helps to promote good weight gain, instead of extra belly fat you’ll have to lose later.

#7) Avoid Yeast Infections

Coconut has a natural substance, lauric acid, which helps to kill candida albicans (which causes yeast infections).  This helps to rid your body of systemic yeast and may help you avoid yeast infections — which are never fun, but especially bad during pregnancy!

#8) Stay Healthier

Pregnant women naturally have a somewhat suppressed immune system.  Coconut oil can fight the bad “germs” so that you stay healthier, naturally!

#9) Better Hormone Balance

Key amino acids and vitamins and minerals in coconut help support healthy hormone balance, including thyroid function.  This can mean a better pregnancy experience, and better balance after baby’s born!

#10) They’re Just Plain Delicious!

And of course — coconuts just taste awesome!  For all of these benefits, enjoy them!


Coco Java Nut Butter. You know you want it.

BirthFit’s Nut Butter

I mentioned above the Coco Java Nut Butter, which BirthFit offers to their customers (among other awesomeness).  It’s all about high-quality protein in an easy snack form.  Besides the coconut, it has other beneficial ingredients.

Cashew butter:Cashews are high in magnesium, zinc, and other trace minerals, plus lots of monosaturated fats and protein.

Cacao powder: Cacao is a super food!  It boosts immunity, is filled with key trace minerals (including magnesium, B vitamins, and more), is super high in antioxidants, and will boost your energy levels too!

Ground coffee: Coffee can boost your energy through caffeine, and it may play a beneficial role in regulating blood sugar.

Yacon powder:It boosts digestive health, balances blood sugar, balances weight gain, improves immune health, and more.

Sea salt:The perfect touch — filled with trace minerals and important electrolytes.

All the ingredients are either organic or wild-crafted.  It’s kind of the perfect snack.  It has a non-sweet, slightly salty, coffee-nut butter sort of taste.  It’s not like a store-bought sweet nut butter at all.  It doesn’t taste too much like coconut.  But it’s a super great way to snack!

Eat it straight, or put it on your favorite fruit or veggie (I’m partial to apples, personally) or even on whole wheat crackers, if you eat wheat.  It comes in individual 0.5 oz. packets, so you can tuck a few in your purse or a back pack to keep with you at all times.  Check it out here.

Do you eat coconut while pregnant?  Why or why not?

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  1. I purchased a jar of coconut butter from the market yesterday. Tasted great in the smoothie I made.


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