Sustaining Life: Celebrating Breastfeeding with Breastmilk Jewelry

Daja May 17, 2016

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Sustaining Life: Celebrating Breastfeeding with Breastmilk Jewelry

By Daja, Contributing Writer


What Did You Do Today?

This is how I make a to-do list: It has some of the usual things on it: laundry, pay bills, change the sheets, call my grandma. It has farm specific things: muck out the pig stall, mulch the onions, prep the seed potatoes. It has blog specific things: edit my post for Modern Alternative Mama, take photos for that recipe post, share today’s articles on social media. Know what it doesn’t say? Feed the baby.

Yet that is what I do all day. Every day. Without fail. I keep this child alive and growing. All the layers of chub he puts on is because of my breastmilk. So, I breastfeed and snack and breastfeed some more and lay down to nurse him to sleep and recoup some of my own energy. Then I start breastfeeding all over again. Just when his feeds have spaced comfortably apart, he hits a growth spurt or starts teething and wants to nurse constantly again. Meanwhile I’m binge eating an entire box of cookies in the car, because I feel completely calorie depleted, despite the big breakfast and lunch I had.

Some days, breastfeeding is enough.

It’s OK that everything on the to-do list didn’t make it to the ta-da list. It really is. Just stop for a minute and look at your baby! He’s beautiful! She’s stunning! Your baby is alive and thriving because by some miracle of nature, liquid gold comes out of your body! Your body is working, even while you’re sleeping. While your husband snores peacefully beside you, your body is a nutrient conversion factory, turning that chicken and rice you had for dinner into your baby’s perfect food. Every mother is a working mother. 24/7.

The next time someone says, “What did you do today?” You can reply, “I sustained life.”

I used to struggle wondering if I was “getting anything done.” Was I earning my keep? Was I contributing to the gross national product?  But, now I have been breastfeeding for nearly 15 years. (Yes, you read that right. June will be 15 years of continuous breastfeeding.) And you know what? It is enough. It really is. It’s the most crucial thing I do all day. It’s the one thing I do that cannot be delegated to someone else, that cannot be procrastinated about, and that I absolutely rock. I really do.

The cheeks on this baby is proof enough.

Sustaining Life: Celebrating Breastfeeding with Breastmilk Jewelry

You know what’s nice? Celebrating this thing called breastfeeding. I recently got myself a little somethin’-somethin’. I little bit of shimmer. A little something that says, “Yeah, I have a super power. It’s called growing people.”

Two words: Breastmilk. Jewelry.

Hey, if breastmilk is liquid gold, breastmilk jewelry is like a natural conclusion!  HollyDay Designs takes your own liquid gold breastmilk and turns it into beautiful creations that truly celebrate all that is wonderful about breastfeeding. But, how??? Well, basically, this talented lady turns your own breastmilk into one-of-a-kind creations that you will be thrilled to wear. (Check out all the photos on HollyDay’s Facebook page!) She is the original creator and genius behind breastmilk jewelry! And she’s been doing it since 2002!  There are tons of beautiful breastmilk jewelry designs to choose from–necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings.

I had such a hard time choosing! But, I finally settled on this simple circle. To me it just spoke about the simplicity of this thing I do. It’s pure and lovely and even if all my world falls apart, breastfeeding will always make sense.

Sustaining Life: Celebrating Breastfeeding with Breastmilk Jewelry


Long after my baby stops nursing and my marathon breastfeeding journey comes to an end, I will have this memento of this special season of my life. What a treasure! It’s a reminder that I have done and am doing a beautiful job of sustaining life. Put that on your to-do list.

Check out HollyDay Designs yourself. You will be overwhelmed with how lovely these pieces are. You’ll want to wear them all!

Sustaining Life: Celebrating Breastfeeding with Breastmilk Jewelry




How have you commemorated your breastfeeding journey?


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