6 Steps to Balance Your Hormones and Overcome Depression

faith January 11, 2013

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In August of last year, I suffered a miscarriage.  I had just stopped breastfeeding my youngest and I knew my hormones were out of whack. Due to our life circumstances and the miscarriage, I was also dealing with some major depression, to which I am prone.

I knew that I needed to do something quick, but what?

I found that implementing a few simple things helped me to overcome emotionally and level out physically within a short time.

1.) Quiet Time With My God

I had become slack in my devotional time.  I always find that this effects my mood and my heart entirely.  When I am not in God’s Word, learning at His feet, then my mind and my heart become very clouded.  I have a difficult time separating my very selfish way of thinking, acting, and feeling from what I know God would have me be. As children of God we need our Father’s loving reproof and wisdom constantly in order to glorify Him and to know His will.

2.) Family and Friend Support

I have found that confiding in certain family members and friends my emotions and trials is extremely helpful. I specifically choose godly women that I believe can both relate in some way but also offer good encouraging wisdom. I do not need someone that will kick me while I am down, but if I do need some kind exhortation, I want someone that will do it in love. I believe that this is particularly important when one is dealing with depression.

Depression can be a very lonely and dark place. I also believe that it is very easy when depressed to turn inwardly, and become very consumed with personal anxieties and fears. In its essence, depression can be based in a form of selfishness, in self-reliance. When we are anxious, we are not trusting God and His great sovereignty. It is very important that when we are depressed that we turn to God and seek His peace, but also surround ourselves by godly people who will support and encourage our healing.

3.) Diet and Supplements

Having a healthy diet is good for multiple reasons, but our food can definitely affect our mood.  Vitamin deficiencies in Vitamins D, and Vitamin B, and Folic Acid are some of the most common culprits for depression.  Consuming processed foods, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, excess caffeine can all alter one’s mind and mood.  There is evidence showing that pesticides and fluoride contribute negatively to the human nervous system also.

Ensure that you are eating a healthy REAL food, organic diet.  If you need to supplement then do, but remember that supplements in pill form are never as easily digestible nor easily absorbed as eating your vitamins in real food.

4.) Understanding My Fertility

The previous three steps I followed were very helpful in dealing with my depression, but I also knew this past summer that my hormones were not what they should be.  A healthy diet is a must when leveling out one’s hormones, but many times women need a little more help than just good food.

I have found that having a thorough knowledge of my personal fertility has been a great help for more than just achieving pregnancy.  Understanding your own body and its processes can gain you a wealth of knowledge concerning your personal health.

Back in September I wrote a post featuring a book entitled, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler.  I highly recommend this book for training in understanding your fertility and what it means for your body.

Based on Toni Weschler’s method of tracking fertility, I was able to discover that my cycles were a couple of days too short.  I was ovulating, but the luteal phase of my cycle, when I would normally conceive, needed lengthening.   To aid in lengthening my luteal phase, I began supplementing with a natural progesterone oil.

5.) Natural Progesterone Oil

I researched quite a bit before choosing a progesterone supplement.  Messing with hormones is serious business, and it should not be taken lightly.

It is important to know what hormone you need to supplement.  Supplementing estrogen when unneeded can actually be quite dangerous, increasing your chances of certain cancers.  When I chose the progesterone supplement that I did, I ensured that it was derived from wild yams.  Using progesterone derived from soy, which is very common, concerned me because soy has a tendency to mimic estrogen within the body.  I did not want to risk that.

I purchased Progestelle Natural Progesterone Skin Oil.  It came highly recommended, had amazing reviews, and had one of the most educational websites I had seen concerning a product.  One 800 mg bottle sells for $24.00 and when you purchase for the first time you get a second bottle for free.

Any and every question you have can be answered on the website by one of their many video tutorials or by their very helpful and timely customer service agents.

I used this product for one month before I became pregnant and two months into my pregnancy as I tapered off of it.  I was very pleased with its effectiveness.

6.) Chiropractic Care

I am a firm believer in chiropractor care.  Our spine which is connected to our entire nervous system affects all of our major organs and bodily functions.  Our hormones and our brains are highly integrated into our nervous system.  Leveling out your hormones and mood can be greatly aided by chiropractic care.  Visit a well reviewed chiropractor in your area and, I promise, you will not regret it!

Where Am I Now?

As I mentioned above, we are now pregnant, and I believe that through a few simple steps I was able to even my hormones out on my own.  This is definitely not the case for every woman, but it is definitely worth a try to remedy something at home before paying big bucks to see a doctor and taking medication.

I still deal with depression.  Trusting my Lord and depending on loving friends and family surrounding me help me to keep my focus where it should be.

It always encourages me greatly to realize that I am not the only woman out there dealing with what I deal with.  Maybe you are struggling with depression.  Maybe you are having a difficult time trusting Jesus for your best.  Know that you are not alone.  I am just like you.  What’s more?  Jesus has walked our road with us, and He wants to guide us and carry us through our trials as He grows us into His likeness.  There is nothing more comforting than just to lean on our Lord for He is our Rock and our Peace.

Have You Ever Struggled With Uneven Hormones Or Depression?

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  1. Love, love, love this post, Lindsey. I suffered a miscarriage this past November and sort of fell of the “real food” wagon temporarily during all of it… but it is AMAZING how simply going back to eating “real” foods and watching what body care products I use, etc make a WORLD of a difference for my body/hormones/etc. What a great resource this post will be for so many women! 🙂


  2. That is an AMAZING book. I used to prior to having my son and have been meaning to start using it again to figure out what’s what with this new body of mine. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. What part of ND do you live in? Just curious!!!!! I like this post as I can relate!


  4. Great post, I had three miscarriages this last year, all in a row. I’d always lose the pregnancy between 6 and 9 weeks. I discovered, as you did, that short cycles (mine were always the normal 28 day cycle, until I had my son and then for the next five years were 25 day cycles) means you have low progesterone and you will miscarry. It’s tricky, because the progesterone your body needs is also created on a cyclical basis, through the corpus luteum, so figuring out your cycle and understanding when to use the oil is brilliant! I didn’t realize that until my fifth pregnancy, (which I’m in right now) and happily my doctor has given me a progesterone supplement to take my first trimester and so far, so good. But I think your approach is even more natural, good work! And good luck with this little one!


  5. […] Friday, Lindsey shared some great tips for balancing hormones (and overcoming depression). It was a great starting point for anyone looking to do either of […]


  6. Love this post! I’d noticed that I was experiencing the same exact symptoms these past few months but disregarded them because I’m still nursing my son a few times a day. Somehow, even with a 10 day luteal phase, I found myself pregnant (though I still bled like a menstrual cycle). Fortunately, I had been monitoring my fertility like in the book you recommend & noticed my temps stayed up. I took several tests, all positive. So I knew I was pregnant, but also knew I would miscarry if I didn’t get some progesterone quickly. So my doctor has me on some supplements, though I do wish I would have been more proactive about it months ago & gotten my hormones balanced naturally before I got pregnant! I didn’t know what I should have done until it was here. I hope your post gives someone else like me some direction & encouragement to get their hormones balanced as soon as they see that they’re off.


  7. […] years of researching natural health care, especially after learning about women who struggle with hormone imbalance, I question whether or not hormonal birth control is really […]


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