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faith November 2, 2012

Announcing your pregnancy is a time of great joy. Whether it’s your first time, tenth time or last time it’s typically exciting news that you want to share.

We were so excited when we found out we were expecting we didn’t even give a creative thought to our announcement.  Well, truth be told after peeing on 5 — yes 5 — pregnancy tests I still wasn’t convinced that I was really pregnant.  I was opting for the more cautious “let’s wait until our first midwife appointment before we tell people” approach.  While The Hubs was vying for the “let’s spend 4 hours driving around after church telling friends and family” approach.

He won.

I told him on a Saturday and Sunday after church we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening making surprise visits to our closest friends and family making the announcement.  His excitement still makes me smile today. Telling our family and friends after trying for two years is one of my favorite memories from the early days.  

If you’re able to think through your initial excitement (and can keep quiet long enough for some simple planning) you can create great memories with your pregnancy announcement.

Here are some creative ways to announce your little blessing(s):

Family Photo Opp

Gather your immediate family around for an impromptu photo.  As the flash is about to go off instead of saying “Say Cheese” do “Say We’re Pregnant”….the photo will still snap and hopefully capture some great expressions.

Gender Reveal party cupcakes
Image by  kristin_a

A Sweet Treat

Take a cake or cupcakes to work, church, etc..half iced blue and half pink with plus signs on them.

Give a Gift

If you’ve found out close to Christmas you can announce by wrapping booties, diapers, bottles or rattles for everyone Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.  Have everyone open the gifts at the same time.

T-Shirt Announcement

There’s the “Big Brother” and “Big Sister” T-shirt option but you can put a twist on it by getting one that says “I have a secret” or “Mommy said I can’t tell you… …that she’s pregnant” (Front and Back ).

Diaper Duty

If you’ve got a little one still in diapers ask whomever you’re telling to help you out by changing your little one’s bum…..have “Will you help with #2 (or 3, 4, etc)?” written on their onesie or diaper.  Of course, if it’s baby number 2 that could be confused with “#2” as in poop but it would be a good laugh!

Bun in the Oven

Make your husband’s favorite dinner. Along with dinner make some homemade rolls.  Purposely forget to the rolls and ask him to help get the buns from the oven…when he comes back to the table ask him if he’ll help when the “other bun” is done too.

Blue-White Carnation

Image byBlueRidgeKitties

Special Delivery

Have flowers delivered to your husband, parents, in-laws, whomever; one pink carnation, one blue carnation.  Include a note that says “In 9 months will it be pink or will it be blue” (You can jazz that up a bit with a rhyme of some sort too)

Did you announce in a creative way? If so share your ideas below!



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  1. My husband and I are big baseball fans, so we took a picture of our baseball jerseys on the clothes line along with a little baseball onesie. We printed it out and mailed it to friends and family with the caption “A player to be named later will be joining the team.” People loved it and started calling the baby “The Rookie” 🙂


  2. We didn’t announce creatively, though we did use a ‘big sister’ tshirt the second time (but our nosy families had already guessed! :D). I have a friend who did the first one on this list and caught it on video! She definitely got some awesome expressions, plus she captured all the squealing and jumping up and down afterward!
    With our first pregnancy we made our family wait three weeks before we announced the gender and brought pink-on-the-inside cupcakes to Thanksgiving dinner. My husband’s little brother got picked to bite into the first one and when asked what colour it was, replied, ‘I dunno.’ He’s colourblind, so couldn’t tell….wrong person to pick!
    I have a friend who works in a Build-a-Bear store and once had a customer come in and hand them the envelope with her baby’s gender and told them she didn’t know the gender and a friend would be picking up the gift-wrapped bear for her to open at their gender reveal party….I thought it was such a cute idea!


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  4. We announced our 3rd pregnancy over Thanksgiving 2010. We had everyone get in family groups for pictures. I was taking the pictures. I sneakily turned it to video after taking a couple of snapshots asking them to say a variety of things from “cheese,” “so and so has stinky feet,” etc. I then said, “Say: Lindsey’s going to have another baby.” I caught it all on video and it was great! Definitely a memory!


  5. We waited until 20 weeks to announce to our families, and at Christmas last year we gave both sets of grandparents to be a framed photo of the sonogram that said “Congrats Grandparents, I’m a boy”! We got the reactions on video, they were priceless!


  6. All of these idea are so cute but I could never hold the excitement in that long. With the first one I said we were going to wait two weeks before we told anyone just to let it sink in by our selves and that lasted 6 days before we just called everyone we knew. The second time we found out really early and was so excited again, we just called everyone we knew 6 weeks later we had a miscarriage, So when only two months later we were pregnant again I decided we wanted to wait but our families all already figured it out and not surprised by the time we told them all.


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